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27.02 13:45 - The day of pain
Автор: eleonoraknyazheva Категория: Лични дневници   
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It finally came – 
the day of pain.
But there are no recipes,
no manuals.
Tomorrow is for others,
not for you.
You’re already through.
Somewhere in the white light.
And I miss the way I felt the last time
I had a father.
I thought it hurts
And now I know 
for sure.
That’s unbearable.
How easy it would be 
if grief passed after crying. 
But things go even worse.
Will you come to me
in my dreams
to say you are OK?
To let me know
I’m not alone?
Right now I’m not that strong 
I thought I am.
I’m not that grown up girl
you thought I am.
There’s no such thing
as an appropriate age 
for becoming an orphan.


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